Troubleshoot can’t make or receive calls with AT&T PREPAID

Learn how to identify and resolve issues with making and receiving calls with AT&T PREPAID (formerly GoPhone).

Troubleshoot phone call issues

Having trouble making or receiving calls? Try Troubleshoot & Resolve.Fix it now

Troubleshooting tips for making and receiving calls

Try these tips to fix problems making and receiving phone calls with AT&T PREPAID℠:
  • Turn your phone off and back on.
  • Make sure you have service in your area. Check out the AT&T PREPAID Coverage Map.
  • Activate your AT&T PREPAID account, refill your minutes, or renew expired AT&T PREPAID plans at the AT&T PREPAID Support Center.
  • Be sure that you and your callers use 10- or 11-digit dialing when placing calls.
  • Learn how to call or message internationally if you’re traveling outside the U.S.
  • Check out Device Support tutorials and videos that'll teach you how to:
    • Turn off Airplane Mode. Most phones display an airplane icon when Airplane Mode is on.
    • Turn off Do Not Disturb or Quiet Hours. Some phones have this setting to keep you from getting calls during certain times or while the setting is turned on.
    • Turn off Call Forwarding. Press #21# on your phone and then the Call, Send, Talk, or Receiver key. If your calls continue to forward to another number, learn how to  turn call forwarding on and off.
    • Check the Blocked Calls or Reject List. On some phones, you can block calls from certain numbers or create a reject list to avoid calls you don’t want to get.
    • Insert SIM card. Steps on how to remove and reinsert the SIM card if your phone displays Insert SIM or Emergency Calls Only.

More troubleshooting tips

Last updated: December 7, 2022

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