How to add a line to your AT&T Wireless phone plan

Learn how to add a line to your AT&T phone plan, including costs, benefits, and deals.

Adding an extra line to your AT&T account is an easy and cost-effective way to allow another person to be part of your wireless plan. You can add a family member, friend, or other users, who can then use the plan’s services. Did you know adding a line can even help you save money? AT&T plans may offer multi-line discounts when you add multiple lines so it’s a win-win for everyone on your plan.

If you’re thinking “When would I need to add a line to my phone plan”, this video shows you just some of our favorite examples of when to add a line to your AT&T account:

Add family and friends to your plan

Stay connected with those you care about most. Enjoy:

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How much does AT&T charge for one additional line?

How much does it cost to add a line to AT&T? In short, adding a new line can cost as low as $30 per line, depending on the plan and features you select. When adding a line, customers may also be eligible for deals like free phones, bill credits, and multi-line discounts.

How many lines can I add to my AT&T plan? 

You can have up to ten lines total and save $10 per month on every line when you sign up for both eligible AutoPay and paperless billing with your debit card or bank account.

AT&T lets you choose an unlimited plan to fit each person on your account. You can mix & match from three unlimited data plans: Unlimited StarterSM, ExtraSM, and PremiumSM. In general, adding a new voice line can cost as low as $30 per line when you have more than four lines. The price per line tends to go down as you add more lines. You can even add wearables like smartwatches for as little as $10 a month as additional lines on your account. More lines equals more savings.

AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy.

Is your child ready for their first AT&T phone?

Kids are more connected than ever before. AT&T teamed up with the American Academy of Pediatrics to develop the ScreenReady Quiz. Take the quiz and learn if your child is ready for their first phone, and hear tips from the experts to help your family make safe and positive connections on all screens.