myAT&T App Permissions

App permissions

To support various features, the myAT&T app requires system permissions.

Here are the permissions we’re asking for and how we’ll use them.


These are the permissions we request on Android devices:

  • Storage and photos/media/files (read, modify, delete contents of USB storage): To store info like saved IDs, passwords, and cached data on your device.
  • SMS (receive text messages): To make it easier to verify your identity during registration.
  • Microphone (record audio): To enable voice chat support within the app.
  • Location (approximate and precise): To find nearby AT&T stores, offers and giveaways at local events sponsored by us.
  • Wi-Fi ® (view Wi-Fi connections, view network connections) and Bluetooth (pair with Bluetooth devices, access Bluetooth settings): To more accurately pinpoint where you are when you use location services.
  • Camera (take pictures and videos, control flashlight and vibration): To scan bar codes and checks.
  • Prevent device from sleeping: To make sending you push notifications more reliable.
  • Receive data from Internet, full network access: To download info from the Internet.


These are the permissions we request on Apple devices:

  • Calendar: To add store appointments to your calendar.
  • Camera: To scan bar codes and checks.
  • Location: To find nearby AT&T stores, offers and giveaways at local events sponsored by AT&T.

What we won’t do


We won't look at your pictures, music collection, or access any files that aren’t related to our app.

Text messages

We won't send texts in your name or look at your messages, except for ones we send during registration.


We won't record you or use your microphone unless you're talking with support.


We won't follow you all the time, but can help you find the nearest AT&T store when you need one. And, if you choose to receive special offers, we'll occasionally check to see if you're near an AT&T sponsored event.

Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth

We won't connect you to Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth devices you haven’t paired with your phone.


We won't make your phone vibrate, turn on your flashlight, or take pictures without your knowledge.


We won’t look at your calendar or add anything you don’t request.