AT&T Digital Life Wireless Data Usage Allowance Policy

Your AT&T Digital Life alarm monitoring signals are sent to the monitoring center over the AT&T Mobility LLC wireless data network or your broadband service (such as DSL, cable modem service, fiber to the home, or satellite) separately provided by your Internet service provider (ISP). Additionally, if You order the video camera package, You access your AT&T Digital Life cameras using your broadband service.

For the alarm signals that go across the AT&T wireless data network, AT&T Digital Life has included as part of your monthly service a fixed amount of wireless data, at no additional charge to you as a monthly data allowance. While there is no charge, you may notice a data usage summary on your bill.

Your AT&T Digital Life service includes a wireless data allowance that covers the usage of a typical AT&T Digital Life customer. However, if your usage exceeds this wireless data allowance, we may contact you with questions about the way you are using your AT&T Digital Life service. If we contact you, we expect you to respond to our customer care agents in a timely manner, and provide us with any requested information so that we can continue to provide you with exemplary service and make adjustments, if necessary, to our wireless data usage forecasting.

You are responsible for paying all broadband service charges from your ISP for data used to support alarm services and for the video camera package. These broadband service charges may include usage-sensitive charges based on the amount of data you consume. AT&T Digital Life does not include any broadband data services from your ISP in your Digital Life service, even if your broadband data service is provided by an ISP affiliated with AT&T. Any broadband service charges from your ISP are separate and distinct from charges for AT&T Digital Life service.

Also, the AT&T Digital Life Customer Agreement requires you to maintain broadband service in your home, and excessive wireless data usage may occur if you have not complied with this service condition. Failure to maintain broadband service can result in a service termination.