AT&T Traditional Phone Fee Schedule


Effective December 1, 2020

This Fee Schedule (“Schedule”) sets out certain additional transactional fees (“Fees”) applicable to the AT&T Traditional Phone Service(s) (“Service(s)) identified in the table below, which Service(s) are subject to your AT&T Residential Service Agreement (“Agreement”), Guidebooks and in Tariffs (collectively referred as “Service Publications”), as applicable. In the event of a conflict between an applicable fee in this Schedule and the Service Publications, the fee in the Service Publications will control. AT&T reserves the right to change these fees or impose additional fees as permitted by law and your Agreement. The Fees listed below do not include applicable taxes or surcharges which may vary by location. For more information on these fees as well as other applicable taxes and surcharges (including governmental surcharges), see

AT&T Transactional Fees

The Fees listed in this section include Fees that will appear for specific requests, events, and/or transactions related to your Service or account.

Fee Name Amount Description
Activation Fee Up to $65 One-time Fee to set up your account and activate service. Other equipment/labor fees may apply based on customer order.
Service Repair Dispatch Fee Up to $149 If we have to dispatch a truck to repair your service. Additional charges apply for new wiring, new jack or wall drop. This fee is not charged if the customer subscribes to a home phone inside wiring protection plan.
Late Payment Fee Up to $9.75 +.01% of unpaid balance or up to 6% of unpaid balance If you don't pay your bill by the due date. If a local telephone company or other entity bills you for the Service(s) on AT&T's behalf, that company's late payment charges and policies will apply.
Payment Convenience Fee $5.00 per payment If you make your payment with the assistance of an Authorized Retail Agent, Customer Service or Collections Representative.
Non Sufficient Funds/Returned Check Up to $30 If you make a payment by check or other method that is declined.
TouchTone Fee Up to $2.35 To establish Touchtone on your Service. On bill, appears as "Service Establishment Charge".
411/Directory Assistance (DA) Fee Up to $2.49 per domestic call If you call domestic directory assistance (DA) on the AT&T network.
Restoral Fee Up to $35 If you restore Service after it is suspended or restricted for non-payment.
Service Order Change Fee Up to $35 If you change your Service order (examples: transfer of billing responsibility, number /name/ listing change, new feature installation ,package/plan change, etc.)
Unified Messaging (VoiceMail) Installation Fee Up to $10 One-time fee for installation of Unified Messaging (VoiceMail).
Bill Re-print Fee Up to $5 If you request an additional monthly billing statement. One charge applies for all services on the bill.