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Replace broken mobile device

Learn how to fix or replace your broken phone, tablet, or other AT&T wireless device.

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What repair options do I have for a damaged device?

How do I get support for an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch?


Troubleshoot device or service issues

Explore Troubleshoot & Resolve for guided steps to fix problems with your device or service.Go



Fix or replace a broken mobile device

Devices under warranty

First, verify whether your device is still under warranty:
  • New—typically 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • AT&T Certified Restored—typically 90-day warranty
  • AT&T Certified Pre-Owned—no warranty. See our Return Policy.
  • New Apple or Apple-replacement devices and Apple-branded equipment—typically carry a warranty from Apple of 1 year after purchase date
  • Insurance replacement devices from Asurion, including Apple-branded devices—typically carry a warranty of 1 year after replacement date
  • Accessories—if it was included with your device, it carries the same warranty as your device. If it wasn’t included, contact us. 

Next, see if it has liquid or physical damage not covered by the warranty.
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Devices not under warranty

 If your device isn’t under warranty, you can:
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