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5G Evolution
Get the story on what this technology is and what it means for you.

What is 5G Evolution?

5G Evolution is our first step on the road to 5G. We’re starting by enabling faster speeds on our existing LTE network—up to 2x faster than standard LTE.

How is the network evolving?

We’re adding technologies to our current network:

  • Carrier aggregation adds more “lanes” to the highway that data travels on.
  • 4x4 MIMO doubles the number of antennas that can send data back and forth.
  • 256 QAM makes data transmission more efficient.

We’re also upgrading our network by:

  • Increasing capacity and coverage on our network. This provides more support for data usage.
  • Adding fiber to the network, which allows for higher peak speeds.
  • Enhancing our core network to support lower network latency. Now the network can respond even more quickly to what you do.
  • Adding new tower equipment that we can upgrade through software.


It all adds up to faster speeds for you.

Where is 5G Evolution available?

5G Evolution is now live in over 550 markets. Many of our most popular smartphones are displaying a “5G E” indicator to let you know when you’re in an area where 5G Evolution is available.

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