• Keep up with email and browse the web with your AT&T mobile device (Smartphone, Tablet, and Laptop) when you travel abroad.
  • 100 MB of data usage in over 100 countries with an overage rate of $.005/KB.
  • Rate outside these discounted countries is $.010/KB.*
  • Does not include data usage within the U.S. Qualified domestic data plan required.
  • For a complete list of discounted countries, visit att.com/dataconnectglobal.

*Rate outside the discount countries is $0.010/KB except in Algeria, Belarus, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Brunei, Faroe Islands, Macedonia (former Yugoslavia), Maldives, Mongolia, Qatar, and Tunisia where the rate is $0.0195/KB.

Adding or removing this feature mid bill cycle will result in a proration of the monthly fee and the included MB of data. To receive the full 100 MB allotment before your next bill, call customer care at 1-800-331-0500.

For more information, please visit att.com/global.

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