Get data for your RV starting at $25 a month
Elig . vehicle/device req'd . Svc & coverage not avail. everywhere. Other charges & restr’s apply. Plan details.
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Turn your RV into a powerful Wi-Fi hotspot with AT&T

Available on all recreation vehicles featuring pre-installed RV-Link® systems or with the purchase of an upgrade package

Connect up to 10 devices at once

Your passengers can get online with their favorite devices.

Do more of what you love

Stream, browse, share, and more.

Stretch your legs

Works adjacent to your trailer.

Find the right DataConnect Pass for your RV

No matter where the road takes you, there’s a prepaid data pass to keep you connected.

  • 5GB

    for $25/mo.

    5GB for $25 for 1 mo. (30 days):
  • 22GB

    for $90/mo.

    $90/mo. for 12 months plus taxes
    22GB for $90 for 1 mo. (30 days):
  • 50GB

    for $175/mo.

    $175per month
    50GB for $175 for 1 mo. (30 days):
  • 100GB

    for $300/mo.

    $300per line
    100GB for $300 for 1 mo. (30 days):
  • 100GB

    for 12 mos. for $325

    $325per month
    100GB for 12 mos. for $325: