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Call Features

Get familiar with in-call options, including muting and speakerphone, as well as advanced call features, such as creating a conference call.


Prenote info

To make or receive calls from your tablet, you must update your device to the most current software version and set up AT&T NumberSyncTM. While on an active call, the  Phone icon will display in the Notification bar.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• In-call options
• Use speed dial
• Use your tablet while on an active call
• Create a conference call

In-call options

While on an active call, the following options will be available:

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HOLD/RESUME CALL: Select the Hold call icon.
• SHOW/HIDE KEYPAD: Select the Keypad icon.
• MUTE/UNMUTE: Select the Mute icon.
• END CALL: Select the End call icon.

Note: To learn about calling or using your device in other countries, visit the AT&T International website.

Use speed dial

From the keypad, select and hold the desired Speed dial number.

Note: To set up speed dial, from the Phone app, select the menu iconMenu iconSpeed dial numbers. Enter the desired phone number. To change the speed dial number, select the drop-down icon, then select the desired number. Select the contacts icon to add a contact from the contacts list. 

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Use your tablet while on an active call

While on an active call, select the Home key to access the home screen.

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To return to an active call, swipe down from the Notification bar then select the Active call.

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Create a conference call

From an active call, select the Add call icon and follow the prompts. To end a call, select the End call icon.

Note: When creating a Conference call, after connecting with a second caller, you will need to select Merge to combine the separate phone calls. The End call icon is the same icon in a single call or conference call.

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