Smart Limits Parental Controls (Block Calls/Texts & More)
Smart Limits Parental Controls (Block Calls/Texts & More)


Provide your children with the freedom and security of a mobile phone while setting sensible boundaries.

With Smart Limits, you can ...

  • Monitor Cell Phone Usage in Real Time: See when and with whom your family is calling and texting.
  • Prevent Unwanted Calls/Texts: Block up to 30 numbers plus calls to 411.
  • Manage Usage: Set monthly data, text, and purchase limits per billing cycle.
  • Set Time Restrictions: Restrict texting, data usage, and outbound calling during scheduled times such as at school or late at night.
  • Customize alert notifications: Receive customized notifications about your family’s phone activity.
  • Designate "anytime" numbers regardless of other restrictions: Specify up to 15 numbers.

Smart Limits cannot be used to limit/restrict data usage on BlackBerry devices (except BlackBerry LTE which is supported), or tablets, or while user is in Wi-Fi mode. Other limitations apply. To learn more visit


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