Software update for the Pantech Breeze III (P2030)

Software update for the Pantech Breeze III (P2030)

Latest update
Getting started
Update & verify software

Latest update

  • What's changing: Device performance enhancements


  • Release date: November 26, 2013
  • Software version: JSUS05272013

Getting started

  1. You cannot download the update via Firmware Over the Air (FOTA). 
  2. You must connect your device to your computer via USB to install the update.

System Requirements
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, or higher
  • Processor: 1 GHz or higher Pentium-compatible
  • Memory (RAM): 1GB Free
  • Hard Drive Space: At least 2 GB
  • Administrative Privileges required to download and install
  • High-speed internet connection to download Pantech upgrade tool

Update & verify software

To update the software
  1. Connect the phone to your computer using the micro USB cable.
  2. Access software update from personal computer via
  3. Open the Pantech_Breeze_III_upgrade_tool_1.13.937.exe file to begin the installation process.
  4. You will be prompted asking you to make changes, select Yes.
  5. Select Next.
  6. Select Accept license agreement.
  7. Select Finish.
  8. On your desktop, open the Pantech Breeze III Upgrade Tool.
  9. Select Next.
  10. Accept the license agreement and then select Start. Note: The installation process will take a few minutes, do not disconnect the phone during the update.
  11. When prompted that the upgrade is completed, select Close. The phone will automatically reboot.
  12. If you have trouble installing or completing the download, please contact Pantech Call Center at 800.962.8622.

To verify the update

  1. If the current Phone mode is set to Breeze mode, change to Advanced mode. Select Menu > Settings > Phone mode > Advanced Mode.
  2. From the device home screen, select Menu > Settings > Phone Information.
  3. From the More tab, select About phone.
  4. The device has the latest software if the Software version matches the current update details. 

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