Need for Speed: AT&T Has the Fastest Nationwide 5G Network

AT&T 5G Takes the Title for Fastest Nationwide 5G Network in Q3 2020, Based on the Latest Results from Ookla Speedtest

Just In! AT&T* has the fastest nationwide 5G network for Q3 2020.1 This comes on the heels of the 7th quarter in a row that we’ve also won overall fastest wireless network2 in the nation and fastest wireless network for iPhones3 in Q3 2020, according to the latest results from Ookla® Speedtest®.

We're proud of our employees and their dedication to provide our customers with the fastest nationwide 5G wireless speeds, especially at a time when wireless connectivity continues to be more important. And, our customers can get excited knowing that they're enjoying faster nationwide 5G speeds than subscribers on other networks. This win is also a testament to the continued enhancements we're making to our 5G network for our customers and communities across the nation


Speed matters when it comes to your wireless network. Having fast speeds is important whether you're downloading your favorite HBO Max show to watch, streaming your favorite music or browsing the internet while at home or on-the-go.

AT&T’s fastest wireless network wins are based on consumer-led nationwide test results that come from millions of real people that take tests daily on the Ookla Speedtest application.


Over the past 5 years (2015-2019), AT&T invested more than $125 billion in our U.S. wireless and wireline networks, including capital investments and acquisitions of wireless spectrum and operations. Over this same period, we invested more in the United States than any other public company. And we're not stopping - we continue to dedicate our time and resources to enhance our network for customers and communities across the country.

In addition, we continue to enhance our wireless solutions for our customers. With the recent launch of Unlimited Your WaySM, our customers can save more by picking the best unlimited wireless plan for each family member on their account, without everyone having to be on the same plan.4