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What Will You Find Abroad When You’re Not Looking for Wi-Fi? Travel Unlimited with AT&T International Day Pass

Use your phone like you do at home with unlimited high-speed data, talk, text in over 210 destinations for $10 a day and half off additional lines

What’s the news? Ready for a much-needed vacation? Then pack your bags and your phone because we’re packing more value than ever into our AT&T International Day Pass. It comes with unlimited high-speed data*, talk and text.1 Plus, you’ll get 50% off additional lines used in the same 24 hours and only pay for 10 days of service2 to help you save on long trips. With this change, you can use your phone like you do at home and use all the high-speed data you care to enjoy.3 Leave the worry of racking up long-distance charges behind and get back to enjoying your extended stay.

More value for your vacay. As many people ease back into traveling abroad this summer, AT&T* knows cost is one of many factors to consider. That’s why we’re doing our part to lower your wireless bill when you’re abroad. Don’t worry about paying more to use your high-speed data – just use your phone like you do at home. Plus, starting this week, you’ll only be charged for a maximum of 10 days for International Day Pass, even if you stay longer.4 That’s money back in your pocket!

This addition is just another way we're helping you save when abroad. Now, with AT&T International Day Pass, you'll:

  • Never pay for more than 10 days per bill
  • Get 50% off additional lines
  • Only pay for the days you use

We're also making it easier than ever for customers to get this service when they travel. Later this summer, International Day Pass will automatically be available once you arrive at your international destination. You don't have to do a thing or plan ahead. You'll receive a text letting you know you're covered, so you can stop looking for Wi-Fi and start enjoying your trip.

Leading at home and abroad. At home, in the U.S., we have the best network5 and our leadership continues beyond those borders with agreements in over 210 international destinations. Plus, we’re the only provider that doesn’t reduce the available high-speed data from your plan when you’re abroad.3 This means you can take your AT&T plan with you and use your phone just like you do at home. Get directions, use apps, video conference, search for nearby attractions or restaurants, and share photos and videos like you normally do.

For those in the U.S. looking to stay connected to their loved ones abroad – AT&T also has you covered. We automatically include calling and texting to Mexico and Canada with our current unlimited plans.6 Plus, we offer unlimited calling to both landline and mobile numbers in more than 85 countries and discounted rates to over 140 more with AT&T International Calling for $15/month per line. So, whenever you’re ready to travel or make a call outside of the U.S., just know we’ve simplified how you connect and made it more affordable to do so.

What are people saying? “We strive to bring the very best value to our customers everywhere they go - whether they’re here in the U.S. or traveling abroad. AT&T International Day Pass makes it simple and easy to stay connected and save money. As the world reopens and many reunite with friends, colleagues and loved ones, AT&T is here to keep you connected to what matters most wherever your travel takes you,” said Jennifer Van Buskirk, Senior Vice President of Wireless Marketing, AT&T.

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