Software update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (N900A)
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Software update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (N900A)

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Getting started
Update & verify software
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Latest update

What's new: Android device security updates

  • Release date: February 8, 2017
  • Android version: 5.0
  • Baseband version: N900AUCSEOC3
  • Kernel version: 3.4.0-4335446
  • Build number: LRX21V.N900AUCSEOC3
  • File size: 395MB
  • Previous version required: N900AUCUEOC2

Getting started

  • You can download the update via Firmware Over the Air (FOTA). 
  • You must connect your device to Wi-Fi to download the update.
  • Although there should be no impacts to settings or data, we recommend that you back up your media files to an SD card, a PC, or using a favorite application (from the Play Store), prior to upgrading the software.
  • In order to receive this software update, your device must be on baseband version N900AUCUEOC2. If not, repeat the update process until you’ve installed N900AUCUEOC2, and then you should be able to install the latest software update.

Update & verify software

To update the software
  1. Make sure your device is fully charged and connected to Wi-Fi.
  2. From the device home screen, pull down the notification shade and tap Settings.
  3. Tap the General tab.
  4. Tap About device > Software update > Check for updates.
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts to download and install the update.
  6. The device automatically restarts once the new software successfully installs.

To verify the software update
  1. From the device home screen, pull down the notification shade and tap Settings.
  2. Tap the General tab.
  3. Tap About device.
  4. The device has the latest software if the Baseband version and Build number match the current update details.

To troubleshoot the software update

Previous updates

Aug. 12, 2015
  • What's new: Device security improvements
  • Android version: 5.0
  • Baseband version: N900AUCUEOC2
  • Kernel version: 3.4.0-4335446
  • Build number: LRX21V.N900AUCUEOC2
  • File size: 389MB
March 24, 2015
  • Upgrade to Android 5.0 Lollipop:
    • Songs, photos, apps, and even recent searches from one Android device can be immediately enjoyed across all of your Android devices.
    • New User Interface look and feel, more fluid motions
    • Priority mode to only allow certain notifications to get through
    • Battery saving features and remaining time left to charge or deplete indicators
    • Smart Lock to secure phone or tablet by pairing it with a trusted device like a wearable or car
    • Most frequently used settings available with just two swipes down from the top screen
  • Android version: 5.0 (Lollipop)
  • Baseband Version: N900AUCUEOC1
  • Kernel Version: 3.4.0-4335446
  • Build Number: LRX21V.N900AUCUEOC1
  • Upgrade file size: Up to 1197.08MB
Feb. 2015
  • Fix for ATT Address Book (AAB) sync and contact restoration
  • Android version: 4.4.4
  • Baseband Version: N900AUCUDNL1
  • Kernel Version: 3.4.0-3032228
  • Build Number: N900AUCUDNL1
Dec. 2014
  • Includes AT&T address book and new design fixes
  • Android version: 4.4.4
  • Baseband version: N900AUCUDNL1
  • Kernel version: 3.4.0-3032228
  • Build number: N900AUCUDNL1
March 2014
  • Android version: 4.4.2
  • Baseband version: N900AUCUCNC2
  • General performance enhancements

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