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AT&T Messages Backup & Sync

AT&T Messages Backup & Sync

Store your text (SMS) and picture (MMS) messages in the AT&T cloud and view on other devices.

  1. AT&T Messages Backup & Sync stores your text and picture messages in the AT&T cloud and syncs them to your supported smartphone.
    Note: With AT&T Messages Backup & Sync, you can download messages stored in the AT&T cloud to a smartphone that supports Messages Backup & Sync. You can also access your messages and send or receive messages using your mobile number from your tablet or computer at messages.att.net. To learn more, visit AT&T Messages Backup & Sync.
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  2. To turn AT&T Messages Backup & Sync on or Sync Messages, from the home screen, tap the Messaging icon.
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  3. Tap the Menu icon.
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  4. Tap Settings.
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  5. Scroll to then tap AT&T Messages Backup & Sync.
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  6. If AT&T Messages Backup & Sync is not enabled, tap Turn it on.
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